Friday, March 06, 2009

it's calculated.

thanks to Tal for posting Laura Barton's 'legacy of riot grrrl' piece. it's (obviously) the briefest of overviews without any info that you probably don't know already, but a nice came-out-of-nowhere article nonetheless (peep the comments too!).

strange, as i just did a writeup at Oh Wowee! on the Raincoats first album, which i would not have discovered (at the age i did) if it weren't for the RG scene. umm you should check out Oh Wowee! regularly, btw, for free out of print goods and fantastic writings.

another great mystery of things in threes: an email a few weeks ago from a former prof asking for some information from my undergraduate thesis (appropriately titled: "Suck My Left One").



  1. Weirdly, I first heard of the Raincoats because of Kurt Cobain. I saw weirdly because I was never a Nirvana fan, yet I accepted him as a taste-maker.

  2. so many people i know learned about the Raincoats via Cobain! he wrote really great liner notes in i think "insecticide" about being in London and trying to track down a 2nd copy of the LP.

  3. I believe the liner-notes to my copy of their first record actually goes so far as to say it was being released on cd mainly because of the interest Cobain generated. I seem to remember him also getting them back together, to tour with Nirvana in the UK.


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