Friday, July 11, 2008

nobunny loves you.

well shit, i keep forgetting to update here even though my mind has been semi-permanently stuck on the Nobunny show, recently attended on June 27 at the Empty Bottle. Nobunny is a very dear old friend of mine who long ago left Chicago for the old west. well shit, all of the western heat must have done a number on him, as he ended up creating the ultimate persona of a shy, twisted, mad genius, freakish bunny rocknroller slash one-man-band of sorts! his live performance at the Bottle consisted of vocals over a CD backing track, cute underpants, and insanely frenetic dancing. he's doing a lot of touring this summer (even an upcoming tour with Chicago's ultimate party band Johnny & the Limelights!), so check him out if ya can.

also be sure to grab the Nobunny LP, "Love Visions," on Bubbledumb records. almost worth it just for the great nod to the Ramones that is the cover...this album is chock-full of some of the greatest twisted, lo-fi bubblegum-pop-punk-rock'n'roll your ears will ever hear.

check out this awesome Nobunny music video!:

check out some Nobunny live footage with an actual band!: