Sunday, March 08, 2009


btw, i'm not posting my last club foot set because it was basically a disaster. i'll just say that it was ridiculously 90s chicago-themed, ridiculously underdog/johann's/dyslexic-themed, ridiculously repetitive, etc. sorrrrrry.

ok: this is old news already but my 2nd favorite Monkee, Peter Tork, has a rare form of cancer and recently had surgery to remove a cancerous growth from his tongue. if you have any desire to follow up on his health and recovery, you can be as nerdy as me and be facebook friends with him (omg!!).

more old news:
i keep forgetting to mention the Death reissue (For The Whole World to See) on Drag City, which is like the best thing i have ever heard in my life, no joke.
i cannot understand how this band didn't achieve Stooges-level infamy, because this record is so ridiculously perfect: three musically-minded brothers in detroit raised on r&b/soul, exposed to the MC5/Stooges 'scene,' formed Death, and made some of the BEST midwest protopunk/r'n'r that i have ever laid ears on. god damn. they released one single ("Politicians in My Eyes") and were going to release a full-length (on Columbia) but refused to bow to record label pressure to change their band name, and the LP was shelved. only seven songs here, but they range in style from power pop to weird psychedelic/garage rock to damaged punk soundz. heavy political themes. etc. i can't NOT make the Bad Brains comparison, because it's clearly evident that HR&co. were influenced by Death, also see: Dead Boys, Zero Boys, Fishbone, Hendrix, and the like...
peep the track "Freakin' Out" here, the 'punkest' track on the record, and keep in mind that is was only 1975 when this was recorded.
major props to Drag City and their recent reissue efforts (that JT IV record from last year too, holy shit).
you can buy this album on CD format currently, and freshly-already-repressed vinyl should be available at your local independent record store within the next couple days.

in other reissue news, we just got the Black Randy & the Metrosquad Pass the Dust, I Think I'm Bowie LP (on Vinyl Countdown) in. i never thought i would have this piece on vinyl; 2 LPs no less, with demos/singles/liner notes/live's a fantastic package AND limited to 1000, ok? get 'em quick. Black Randy, flagship of Dangerhouse and funkpunk originator. LOVE IT.
here is their film debut in Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains:

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