Wednesday, March 25, 2009

foot set.

club foot set 3/23/09.

carla bozulich- pissing
throbbing gristle- hot on the heels of love
the fall- lie dream of a casino soul
girls at our best- go for gold
toy love- rebel
able tasmans- what was that thing
gordons- adults & children
nervous eaters- just head
huns- glad he's dead
obits- put it in writing
intelligence- reading and writing about partying
gunslingers- gigolo albinos
wavves- surf goth
blank dogs- the tied
dum dum girls- catholicked
afrika bambaata & the soulsonic force- go go pop
felix (arthur russell)- tiger stripes
wicked witch- electric war
bitter tears- bachelors say
mass shivers- downwind of amour
AFCGT- new punk
blatz- lullabye
embrace- money
necros- andy's shit for brunch
weakends- heatwave
scientists- swampland
jesus lizard- rope
mastodon- oblivion
rabid rabbit- C section
vee dee- phaedra illusion
monkees- porpoise song
rolling stones- live with me
bachs- i'm a little boy
JT IV- the monitors
lover- my michelle
o voids- light
personal & the pizzas- i can read
strange boys- woe is you & me
mark sultan- hold on
ooga boogas- oogie boogie
blank its- windows are dirty
whatever brains- mount whatever
x_x- you're full of shit
demon's claws- weird ways
nice face- exterminator
tyvek- pamphlet
black time- corpse life
woven bones- sitting sick
spits- shitty world
zero boys- livin' in the 80s
ultravox- rockwrok
mechanical servants- around the world (with johnny jostins)
royal family & the poor- voices
gina x performance- opposite numbers
tamion 12"- do the devil dance
icicle works- as the dragonfly flies
japan- tim drum
coil- tainted love

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