Thursday, October 08, 2009

foot set.

club foot set: 9/21/09: THE ANTI-POP EDITION.

i was knee deep in Beatles-mania (this was shortly after the release date of all those remastered reissues) and Pavement-mania (this was shortly after the announcement of their reunion shows), so a night dedicated to "the ANTI-POP" was surely in order. "ANTI-POP" is clearly subjective....

david axelrod- the warnings: part 2
animotion- fun fun fun
universal order of armageddon- benedict
screeching weasel- like a parasite
gary war- clean up
units- high pressure days
the shitty limits- smart guys
sunny day real estate- j'nuh
rapeman- monobrow
eric burdon & the animals- ring of fire
liechtenstein- postcard
his hero is gone- unleash
slade- mama weer all crazee now
bare wires- i don't belong
red lorry yellow lorry- last train
cold cave- love comes close
mika miko- sex jazz
teenage jesus & the jerks- see pretty
kurt vile- monkey
electronicat- wop do wop
vivian girls- can't get over you
pink military- blood & lipstick
slowdive- some velvet morning
crawling chaos- sex machine
wounded lion- friendly?
suicide- diamonds, fur coat, champagne
39 clocks- PLO
hoyt axton- double dare
gunslingers- lighter slinger festival
rip rig & panic- tax sex
king tuff- just strut
psychic tv- just like arcadia
gray matter- i've just seen a face
method actors- you, the international language
young governor- you're so sad
lungfish- the cipher
nina hagen band- superboy
arto lindsay- let's be adult
the embarassment- rhythm lines
hex dispensers- i've got my doppelganger on
article 58- event to come
screaming lord sutch- flashing light
a certain ratio- all night party
sensational alex harvey band- hammer song
christian death- figurative theater
grass widows- to where
cristina- mama mia
karp- D+D fantasy
shriekback- here comes my hand i clap
nick cave- the singer
dc snipers- zagreb city boys
pissed jeans- false jesii part 2
zola jesus- six feet (from my baby)
faust- it's a rainy day, sunshine girl
moondog- stamping ground
joe meek- i hear a new world