Wednesday, April 30, 2008

foot set.

Club Foot set 4/28/08

poison girls-
i'm not a real woman
nina hagen- punkwedding
ut- canker
sonic youth- my friend goo
tracy & the plastics- city
cold cold hearts- 1-2-3...many!
instant girl- euphemized
god is my copilot- down down baby
bikini kill- suck my left one
heavens to betsy- intermission 247
slant 6- double edged knife
bratmobile- panik
huggy bear- erotic bleeding
sleater kinney- not what you want
team dresch- hate the christian right!
quails- move forward
les baton rouge- women in control
mika miko- attitude
gossip- standing in the way of control
raincoats- dance of hopping mad
rip rig & panic- those eskimo women speak frankly
vivian girls- wild eyes
pandoras- cry on my own
breeders- happiness is a warm gun
naked raygun- entrapment
marginal man- manipulator
mummies- she lied
birdland w/lester bangs- fade away
the other half- mr. pharmacist
hollies- king midas in reverse
soft machine- we did it again
tv ghost- nodoz
sex vid- nests
karp- dusk
minsk- white wings
sweet cobra- luddite
high on fire- turk
king khan & the shrines- land of the freak
new york dolls- trash
sam the sham & the pharaohs- mystery train
dave clark 5- i like it like that
miss alex white & the red orchestra- future talk
sisters- lust is just
night marchers- i wanna deadbeat you
the carbonas- frothing at the mouth
jay reatard- screaming hand
manikin- death march
cheveau- el tortuga
epic soundtracks- wild situation
jesus & mary chain- down on me
mission of burma- mica
toyah wilcox- danced
kleenex- ain't you
maximum joy- stretch
bush tetras- you can't be funky
delta 5- mind yr own business
bauhaus- too much 21st century
mahjongg- problems
silver apples- whirly-bird
frank black- man of steel
vagrants- respect
roy orbison- mean woman blues
the 5 royales- when you walked through the door
alan parsons project- eye in the sky

Thursday, April 10, 2008


i keep forgetting to dote on Jay Reatard and his new single that recently came out on Matador, who is (if for some reason you're living under a rock and unaware) releasing a series of limited-quantity singles by Jay. this is all very exciting news, but also a slight cause for concern, as Matador seems to be a deathtrap label for the rock'n'rollers. yeesh.

anyway, the new single = 2 tracks of what Jay does best, which is expertly executed poppy, fuzzy, fast r'n'r with a new-wave bent. oh, and lyrics that are equally hilarious and disturbing and dark and silly. Sam and i spent a good half hour (possibly more) flipping it over and over and over again ("she creeps me out/ she creeps me in...") at work last week. i've read a lot of disappointed testimonials concerning this single in and around the interweb, but i do not understand the hate. i give it an A- rating, the minus being there just because i will be honest with the fact that these two songs aren't quite as catchy as the "Blood Visions" tracks or (my alltime favorite) "I Know a Place." still, if you're at all a fan, you should definitely purchase a copy.

i must admit to my own bias, though, as Jay Reatard is one of the few people that make my inner cheesy 'fan girl' come out strong. i mean, he's really freakin' hot! he shits gold, for all i care. really though, he's so insanely prolific (short list of bands he's been in being: Reatards/Lost Sounds/Final Solutions/Angry Angles/Destruction Unit/there's a handful more) and his songwriting abilities have been so expertly honed over the years that really, everything he does IS gold. i swear.

and i hate to give attention to Pitchfork (really i do), but this weeks' newly launched Pitchfork TV has a really nice video of Jay Reatard live at the Cake Shop NYC from last October (the WHOLE SET is here!):


lastly, did you know that he has a blog? it's not updated very often but you'll find a minor treasure trove of demos, live tracks, weird tracks, and funny pictures.

(double swoon).

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

a lesson in why it's dangerous to stray from punk rock.

Pissed Jeans, Empty Bottle, 4/5
working in a record shop with high-traffic sales centering around popular "indie" rock, WXRT adult alternative, and anything doted on by tastmaking Pitchfork reviews has slowly rocked me out of punk/hardcore/under-the-radar weirdness. to my absolute dismay, me and the DIY underground have become increasingly disconnected in the past 5 years. a lot of things can explain this, ie: the end of shows at the Fireside Bowl, growing older, having less expendable income for shows/records, working in an indie-rock stalemate, what have you.

regardless, punk/hardcore is in my heart forever and once in a while i manage to get back into the world and saturday at the Bottle was an instance of punk rock love reinstated. Pissed Jeans, notorious "post"-hardcore sludgey noisemakers (whose newest full-length is strangely out on Sub Pop), raged. they raged my face off, everyone's face off, shoes flying across the bar, maniacal punk raging, it's what i needed. after the first quarter of 2008 being a total shitsystem, rage is what i needed. i've forgotten how much the live experience of punk/hc has been an outlet for the inexplicable rage that has burned inside me since my tender preteen years, and disconnection from that has been problematic at best. all it takes is seeing a fucking righteous show. did i mention that Pissed Jeans' drummer is most definitely the best drummer in punk ever? fuck. did i mention that the singer moves about the stage in such a way that can only be compared to an insane version of Ian Curtis + Mick Jagger? shit. did i mention that the guitarist can make fast punk riffs AND loud noisey psych-y weirdness, like, at the same time? and it's all hollering and blasting and the perfect balance of alienating brutalism and Flipper-esque riffage? FUCK.

this weeks' Onion spotlighted the show by saying:
Slathered in dissonance, misanthropy, and every manner of glandular discharge, Pissed Jeans' breakout 2007 album, Hope for Men, is a fucking wreck- and it's the ideal antidote to the new millenium's overabundance of bland indie pop.

hallelujah. rage on.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

foot set.

i had to cancel last month due to life insanity. last night the bar was DEAD. but DEAD = creative freedom and no shitty requests.

Club Foot set 3/31/08.

bob seger system
- chain smokin'
brian jonestown massacre- a new low in getting high
sam cooke- that's it, i quit...
lesley gore- that's the way boys are
the beatles- i'm looking through you
creedence clearwater revival- i put a spell on you
jr. walker & the all-stars- (i'm a) roadrunner
the coasters- i'm a hog for you
etta james- tell mama
black merda- prophet
rolling stones- country honk
the music machine- talk talk
13th floor elevators- fire engine
terry reid- superlungs my supergirl
tractor- all ends up
stooges- real cool time
patti smith- free money
robert wyatt- i'm a believer
modern lovers- i wanna sleep in your arms
richard hell & the voidoids- betrayal takes two
nick lowe- heart of the city
devo- come back jonee
klaus nomi- you don't own me
wipers- can this be
cramps- new kind of kick
dictators- minnesota strip
clash- spanish bombs
ramones- i wanna be well
the members- sound of the suburbs
busy signals- matter of time
lost sounds- dark shadows
cococoma- too tired
toy dolls- i've got asthma
zero boys- drug free youth
flamin' groovies- yes it's true
marked men- fix my brain
fuzzbox- love is the slug
split enz- i got you
wall of voodoo- can't make love
quando quando- tingle
calculators- dead is dead
orange juice- wan light
raincoats- off duty trip
shop assistants- fixed grin
bunny drums- little room
ultravox- saturday night in the city of...
mission uk- bridges burning
big country- big country
depeche mode- never let me down again
roxy music- all i want is you
talking heads- don't worry about the government
colin newman- inventory
baltimora- tarzan boy
men without hats- living in china
new order- ceremony
cure- the baby screams
gang of four- it's her factory
birthday party- waving my arms
pegboy- surrender
t. rex- metal guru
peter, bjorn & john- writer's block
stevie wonder- for once in my life
shirelles- mama said
scott walker- next