Tuesday, April 28, 2009

foot set.

again! club foot set 4/27:

faith no more- the jungle
beets- the devil
timmy's organism- body of love
ebonics- rock n' roll partytime
jesus lizard- wheelchair epidemic
jay reatard- hang them all
thomas function- ew way ew
nice face- mnemonic device
ganglians- lost words
woods- the dark
jeffrey novak- home sweet home
crystal stilts- sugar baby
naked on the vague- chitty chat
pink reason- huntsman
mayfair set- already warm
pains of being pure at heart- young adult friction
brilliant colors- highly evolved
lover!- i'm not a gnome
sonic chicken 4- midnight girl
fems- go to a party
roses are red- can't understand
da- dark rooms
rats- i wanna be your man
wipers- no one wants an alien
flipper- the light, the sound
black flag- my ghetto
limp wrist- collapse
vindictives- circles
screeching weasel- slogans
france has the bomb- cold hands
wounded lion- carol cloud
eddy current supression ring- sometimes
surf city- dickshakers union
super vacations- pyramids
cheveu- like a deer in headlights
cave- bobby's hash (feat. bobby conn)
jacuzzi boys- the countess
vivian girls- lake house
strange boys- baby please don't go
fresh & onlys- endless love
screaming females- starving dog
d.rider- body to body (to body)
obits- i can't lose
uv race- i'm so tired
ratas del vaticano- olvido
eat skull- killed by rooms
king tuff- kind of guy
sir lord von raven- i do!
nervous gender- nothing to hide
guinea worms- soiled sender
fucked up- year of the rat
frustrations- psychedelic motorcrash
rtfo bandwagon- public relations rag
vampire hands- invisible boy
dan melchior und das menace- o! anxiety
bitters- caves
coathangers- killdozer
toyah- obsolete
ADN ckrystall- naiv partisan
cold cave- the trees grew emotions and died
blessure grave- stop breathing
kurt vile & the violators- hunchy's back
arthur russell- of fernanda why
michael hurley- werewolf
angels of light- dawn
fred neil- sweet cocaine

Sunday, April 26, 2009

foot set.

club foot set 4/25/09: saturday night "hits" edition.

i kinda sorta messed up what i was planning for the night (too many beers and whatnot). got stuck in the 60s for like, way too long man. fun times nonetheless. will be back tomorrow (monday the 27th) with the usual 'anti-hit' tunes.

black sabbath- war pigs
vee dee- teens o.d.
cramps- new kind of kick
gun club- sex beat
obits- back and forth
jay reatard- i know a place
lover!- my michelle
nobunny- boneyard
wavves- so bored
gories- give me love
yeah yeah yeahs- bang
weave!- weave say leave
richard hell & the voidoids- love comes in spurts
misfits- i turned into a martian
black flag- jealous again
death- freaking out
stooges- 1969
count 5- psychotic reaction
groupies- primitive
sonics- strychnine
music machine- talk talk
electric prunes- get me to the world on time
third bardo- 5 years ahead of my time
them- i can only give you everything
yardbirds- for your love
13th floor elevators- you're gonna miss me
lollipop shoppe- you must be a witch
pretty things- she says good morning
zombies- you make me feel good
monks- love came tumblin' down
baby huey- hard times
love- my little red book
creation- biff-bang-pow!
pezband- baby it's cold outside
slade- cum on feel the noize
gentleman jesse- all i need tonight (is you)
only ones- another girl another planet
jam- in the city
real kids- all kindsa girls
scruffs- this thursday
stripes- radio in stereo
nerves- when you find out
cheap time- people talk
vibrators- sweet sweet heart
plastic bertrand- ca plane pour moi
buzzcocks- ever fallen in love?
mo-dettes- white mice
kraftwerk- the model
devo- gut feeling
fuzzbox- love is the slug
total coelo- i eat cannibals
malaria!- your turn to run (i will be your only one)
depeche mode- never let me down again
gary numan & tubeway army- my shadow in vain
new order- blue monday (12" version)
howard jones- things can only get better
prince & the revolution- erotic city
alexander robotnik- problemes d'amour
felix- tiger stripes
crystal castles- crimewave (vs. health)
gossip- standing in the way of control
the the- uncertain smile
smiths- this charming man
quando quando- tingle
a cetain ratio- shack up
king khan & the shrines- destroyer
afrika bambaataa- unity pt. 1 (the third coming)
grandmaster flash & melle mel- white lines (don't do it)
de la soul- roller skating jam named saturdays
run dmc- it's tricky
blackalicious- sky is falling
clipse- wamp wamp
santogold- unstoppable
the juan maclean- give me every little thing
hot chocolate- you sexy thing
funkadelic- i bet you
roy orbison- mean woman blues
frankie lymon & the teenagers- i'm not a juvenile delinquent
irma thomas- somebody told you
isley brothers- how deep is the ocean
coasters- searchin'
sam cooke- bring it on home to me
phil phillips & the twilights- sea of love

Thursday, April 23, 2009

cool new shitz.

sweet new fanzine out of San Fran, "Electric Annihilation." it's a fold-out newsprint dealy in the vain of "Z Gun" (way thinner though) (but also cheaper). yay DIY! anyway, there are features on Sun Araw, Emeralds, Wet Hair and . . .Henry Rollins (?). speaking of Wet Hair, their newish LP, "Dream," pretty much rules. very weird, krauty psych tape experimentations, and it's members of Raccoo-oo-oon! touring with Zola Jesus this summer! fuck yeah!

back on the "Electric Annihilation" tip...pick this shit up. very cool MRR-vibe but focusing on experimental weirdness. short and sweet, etc.


4 Men With Beards, how i love you. their vinyl FLIPPER reissues are slowly trickling in here at Laurie's. just got "Generic Flipper" and "Gone Fishin'", these reissues are pricey but very worth it. CLASSIC early west coast sludgey hardcore/punk weirdness!

the recent Dead Moon renaissance has been a topic of discussion on the nerd board lately. i relate this to the following: the ridiculously great Dead Moon documentary, "Unknown Passage" (if you haven't seen this yet YOU MUST), Lollipop Shoppe vinyl reissue, the success of Pierced Arrows, aaaand Rats LP reissues by Mississippi Records (which is like totally seriously the best reissues label out there right now). The Rats (Fred and Toody Cole's 80s punk band) second album "Intermittent Signals" just came out, and looks and sounds great. Sam Henry of the Wipers on drums! okay, so the Rats might be an acquired taste. but it's easy to become a Dead Moon/Fred & Toody-obsessed maniac...so i guess you should just watch the documentary first and then relentlessly spend all your money on these Rats reissues and anything else related! because that is how it happened to me. guuuh.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

up the (pizza)punx.

some famous asshole once asked, "what is a party without pizza?".

a party without pizza is not a party at all (doiii), and punks and rock'n'rollers all across this great world are taking note of this seemingly minor social detail. so now, here, in this great year of 2009, we have a widespread outbreak of Pizza Punk bands. they are fun. they are funny. they spread the party jamz like no others.

local heroes Johnny & the Limelites are the real deal. the proto-pizzapunks, if you will. they were rockin' out about pizza before pretty much anyone, and are true party professionals. check their debut (one-song) "Pizza Party" 7" single. it's a r'n'r punk rock fun-times gem, complete with a slew of backing vocals, frenetic "pizza party!" shouts and a lot of crazy Stones guitar style. it is, literally for real totally, like a party coming out of your speakers (or headphones). keep an eye out for their upcoming single on Chicago distro/label, Rocket Reducer. also, seeing them live is a very highly recommended experience, so do so (they wear awesome outfits and bring pizza to their gigs!!).

next up: Personal & the Pizzas. ironically, it was a member of Johnny & the Limelites who hipped me to this wonderful and ridiculous band. Personal & the Pizzas pull a total daygo schtick and, i shit you not, pull it off well. they are, of course, from... New Jersey (ahem). all skepticism aside, their first single (on GOOK Entertainment) is #1 A+ quality listening. if you like trashy classic punk (Ramones, NY Dolls, Dictators, Stooges), simple rock and roll licks, and fun, then CHECK IT! there are hilarious spoken interludes amongst songs like "I Don't Wanna Be No Personal Pizza" and "I Can Read." Rob's House Records recently put out a split 7" with P&TPs and Bobby Ubangi...another great slab, although one of the two P&TPs tracks is on the first 7".

the next band i'm gonna throw out there might be a little controversial, since they may end up falling more into the "burger punk" genre (?), BUT they sing a whole lot of pizza-themed tunes. Happy Burger are a french punk band, therefore taking the party-food punk trend international! they play power-poppy, messy and snotty punk on the lo-fi tip. fun and catchy as hell. they have a single recently released on Douchemaster Records (one of the best record labels in existence, btw) which features songs like "Pizza All Around" and "The Ballad of Ray Kroc." you know who Ray Kroc is, right? he bought out the McDonald brothers in the 1950s (or something like that). the first franchised McDonald's was in Des Plaines IL, opened by Kroc. my dad is 60 years old and still can't stop talking about when that place opened and how he would walk down the street for a nickel burger. great, dad.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

wavvvvvving over disillusionment.

i KNOW, i know, i know that i incessantly bitch about one or more of the following on a daily basis:
1. pitchfork.com
2. the appropriation of underground culture by the mainstream
3. what is deemed "cool": how & why

that said, i found myself "totes" disillusioned at the (sold out before it even started) Wavves show (Empty Bottle) this past friday. like, all this commotion over some 22-year old hipster jag playing broke-ass jams? really??!

Vampire Hands played 2nd and blew Wavves right out of the fucking water. check that shit out. it's like Akron/Family if Akron/Family were less noodley/jammy and more weird/psychedelic/experimental.

btw, i still find Wavves highly enjoyable and will still recommend his recordings. i'm just irked by the "social" (?) issues around the Indie Rock Machine, and that Wavves show really dug it all into me.

ummm so yeah also, i thought that the Pains of Being Pure at Heart was total bullshit when i first heard them, now i can't stop listening to them. GO FIGURE. if anyone is eating their own words, it's me, always.

on a different note on the same damn scale, i'm psyched to see Sam McPheeters writing for Vice Magazine. the fashion forecast piece he did in the new issue is pretty much a breath of fresh comic genius (ie: "You are still very much a creep if you stare at anyone else's ass ad" re: "Assvertisements" wtfffffff) and cuts right through all the bullshit that is the Vice "Fashion Issue."

if you don't read his blog, you probably should.

if you don't know who McPheeters is, what the hell is wrong with you?!

after a good 4-hour session of jamming nothing but 7" singles tonight, i am revelling. the 7" is my favorite format, conducive to the most active/participatory listening experience. also, they are cheap.

if you are into singles as much as i am, you should be keeping track of Doug Mosurock's "Still Single" column, a regular feature at dustedmagazine.com. he's also got a bloggy thing for extra information and writings. very very highly recommended...a quality writer who writes about quality recordings; oftentimes, cool new bands that will end up getting huge once they become "best new music" over at Pitchfork a year later. hmph.

sorry for all the randomness but ol' girl has a lot on her mind. i'll be back later on all the latest news in the "pizza punk" genre. get psyched.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

so reatarded, volume a million.

have you seen Jay Reatard's new website?

in addition to a handy email list (he'll send you songs!), Jay announced that he's starting up Shattered Records again (hell yeah), and if ya ain't broke already from recent subscription series from Sub Pop/Columbus Discount/Hozac labels, he is doing a subscription-only Shattered Records club. $75 gets ya a whole bunch of cool nerdy shit. everything he's planning to put out is pretty damn golden (Nobunny, Box Elders, Jeffrey Novak, Hunx & His Punx....), so this seems like a fairly worthwhile investment.

this is what fame can do for you, folks.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

foot set.

i have another writeup on Josh Honn's excellent blog this week: a feature on aussie swamp punks Beasts Of Bourbon debut album, with a download. check this every week for always-changing writers and awesome out-of-print tunes ready for you to d/l.
here you go: Oh Wowee!

club foot set 3/30/09.

shared set with the great John Benetti, no setlist for him. it was a fabulous, packed night...thanks everyone who came out. not to be all emo, but it meant a lot to me. due to a million conversations at once all night long, it was hard to keep track of what i played, but i think i pieced everything together fairly accurately...

pretty things- bracelets
arthur brown- fire
vee dee- into the void
death- rock'n'roll victim
busy signals- uh oh
black randy & the metrosquad- i slept in an arcade
essential logic- shabby abbott
weave- laveau
tamaryn- ashore
dum dum girls- yours alone
golden triangle- prize fighter
woods- to clean
jeffrey novak- never together
let's wrestle- let's wrestle

zola jesus- flesh
blank dogs- calling over
joy division- a means to an end
raincoats- and then it's ok
comsat angels- missing in action
kurt vile- freeway
akron/family- many ghosts
nobunny- motorhead with me!
nothing people- when i drink
thee oh sees- meat step lively
happy burger- ballad of ray kroc
brimstone howl- mammon
zips- take me down
rudi- big time
wax museums- traffic violation
gg king- adult rock
pains of being pure at heart- a teenager in love
harmonia- notre dame
visage- in the year 2525