Monday, October 16, 2006

long time, no bones.

well, about a months' worth of sickness and two weeks without a computer have contributed to my ridiculously pitiful procrastination here. thankfully, i am almost recovered and my poor laptop has (finally) come back healthy from the Apple Fix-It Headquarters, Inc., and i am ready to rebound with more useless posting.

first off, Part 2 of Setlist Mania(c), from Club Foot 9/25/06:
round 1
Brian Eno- Backwater
Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band- Nowadays a Woman's Gotta Hit a Man
Animals- It's My Life
Velvet Underground- Rock & Roll
Shadows of Knight- Oh Yeah
Turtles- You Showed Me
Yardbirds- Putty
Dixie Cups- You Should Have Seen the Way He Looked At Me
Monks- Love Came Tumblin' Down
Sonics- Cinderella
Monkees- Circle Sky (live)
Brian Jonestown Massacre- When Jokers Attack
Mountain Goats- This Year
Devin Davis- Paratrooper With Amnesia
Miss Alex White & The Red Orchestra- Walk Around
Sleater Kinney- Things You Say
Team Dresch- Hate the Christian Right
Monorchid- A.P.B.
V. Reverse- Stupid Little Zine
Bhopal Stiffs- Road to Bhopal
Winepress- The Girl That Broke My Heart

round 2
Black Flag- Jealous Again
Vindictives- Get Lost
Queen- Don't Stop Me Now
Scissor Sisters- I Feel Like Dancin'
Rapture- Get Myself Into It
Talk Talk- It's My Life
Yaz- Nobody's Diary
Joy Division- Disorder
Malaria!- You You
Glaxo Babies- This is Your Life
Liaisons Dangereuses- Etre Assis Ou Danser
Black Heart Procession- To Bring You Back
William Elliott Whitmore- One Man's Shame

randomness in the form of a numerical list:
1. awesome bands i have seen live in the past month include (but are not limited to): Cheer Accident, Team Dresch (reunion show of sorts for the Estrojam Festival), Bobby Conn, Detholz!, Om, Screaming Yellow Zonkers, Mastodon.
2. awesome shows i have missed due to sickness, lack of money, or other factors: Winepress/Mushaganas reunion, Pissed Jeans, Grizzly Bear, Sweet Cobra, Zombi/Supersystem.
3. for feminist-y types who have torrid love affairs with Pop Culture, i highly recommend buying/borrowing/renting/netflixing the "Roseanne" DVD sets (seasons 1-5 are currently available). this being my favorite sitcom of all time, i have slowly been acquiring these collections, and watching the episodes as an 'adult' is a completely interesting and worthwhile experience. i'm beginning to regret not writing my undergraduate thesis on the subject of "'Roseanne' as Pivotal Mainstream Television" via feminist critique (rather than the subject of "Riot Grrrl as Pivotal Subcultural Movement"....yawnz).
4. all i want to listen to as of late is modern classical/composition: Erik Satie, Gorecki, Debussy, Bela Bartok, Penderecki, John Cage, Charles Ives, etc.
5. and also, the greatly underappreciated Ut, whose classic albums "Griller" and "In Gut's House" have finally been reissued by Mute/Blast First. this trio of ladies began on the tail-end of the New York No Wave scene, never got much recognition in the States, moved to London, and didn't get much recognition there, either. sad, because these albums are chock-full of weirdly abrasive, jagged, no-wavey artpunk. "Griller" was produced by Albini, too. check it out if you like Lilliput or Bikini Kill or anything in between.

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