Tuesday, October 17, 2006

she's crafty.

spending a lot of time in bed throughout the past month has spawned quite a lot of knitting and crocheting, crafty firsts, and catfighting (getting cats away from moving yarn is not easy). below are some pictures of my most recent finished projects.

knit pink & black fuzzy scarf. made with cheap yarn that's like 2 strands twisted together (a pink velveteen strand with a fuzzy black string yarn). i used knit stitch straight through, and added some easy tassling at either end. it's really fucking long, almost 6 ft!

(left) my first blanket! i'm aware of the horrendous colors, but this yarn (Lion Brand Homespun) was on sale and picked over when i picked up the pattern, and i had to take what i could get. this is crocheted. double crochet with 2 strands at once, only stitching through the back loop. border is some weird combo of double crochet and chain stitches, but i couldn't quite keep it regular. but it's warm, the cats love it, and that's all that matters.

(right) another simple knit scarf. done with a few skeins of (again) cheap Caron Charming yarn (fancy term for "confetti"). knit stitch all the way through, easy tassling, easy scarf. took a couple hours. maybe less.

my first hat! this was fun. i messed it up something major, which i'll discuss later. crocheted from a pattern in Stitch N Bitch
Crochet: Happy Hooker, although i made some slight changes because i couldn't get the gauge quite right. used cheap (do you see a pattern here?) Red Heart Worsted Weight black yarn. i took some liberties with the earflaps and totally fucked them up, as you can see, they are way too big and floppy. i'm hoping to add a little length to them, and maybe some buttons, so that i can strap 'em underneath my chin (see top picture for reference).

so that's that. sorry for all of the 'emo' bathroom mirror shots, but i had no models available at the time of shooting. more music-related stuff later.


  1. Super cute! Have you started on my pink and brown scarf yet?

  2. not net! i think that you need to approve of the colors....there are lots of browns and pinks out there.


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