Tuesday, April 07, 2009

wavvvvvving over disillusionment.

i KNOW, i know, i know that i incessantly bitch about one or more of the following on a daily basis:
1. pitchfork.com
2. the appropriation of underground culture by the mainstream
3. what is deemed "cool": how & why

that said, i found myself "totes" disillusioned at the (sold out before it even started) Wavves show (Empty Bottle) this past friday. like, all this commotion over some 22-year old hipster jag playing broke-ass jams? really??!

Vampire Hands played 2nd and blew Wavves right out of the fucking water. check that shit out. it's like Akron/Family if Akron/Family were less noodley/jammy and more weird/psychedelic/experimental.

btw, i still find Wavves highly enjoyable and will still recommend his recordings. i'm just irked by the "social" (?) issues around the Indie Rock Machine, and that Wavves show really dug it all into me.

ummm so yeah also, i thought that the Pains of Being Pure at Heart was total bullshit when i first heard them, now i can't stop listening to them. GO FIGURE. if anyone is eating their own words, it's me, always.

on a different note on the same damn scale, i'm psyched to see Sam McPheeters writing for Vice Magazine. the fashion forecast piece he did in the new issue is pretty much a breath of fresh comic genius (ie: "You are still very much a creep if you stare at anyone else's ass ad" re: "Assvertisements" wtfffffff) and cuts right through all the bullshit that is the Vice "Fashion Issue."

if you don't read his blog, you probably should.

if you don't know who McPheeters is, what the hell is wrong with you?!

after a good 4-hour session of jamming nothing but 7" singles tonight, i am revelling. the 7" is my favorite format, conducive to the most active/participatory listening experience. also, they are cheap.

if you are into singles as much as i am, you should be keeping track of Doug Mosurock's "Still Single" column, a regular feature at dustedmagazine.com. he's also got a bloggy thing for extra information and writings. very very highly recommended...a quality writer who writes about quality recordings; oftentimes, cool new bands that will end up getting huge once they become "best new music" over at Pitchfork a year later. hmph.

sorry for all the randomness but ol' girl has a lot on her mind. i'll be back later on all the latest news in the "pizza punk" genre. get psyched.


  1. I was in Laurie's on Tuesday night and one of the singles you played had a gold and black cover (I saw it propped up while playing) and the band name had something like "Miranda" in it . . . I think it was three words, like "The Miranda Set" or something . . . is this ringing any bells? I really liked it and promptly forgot what it was when I walked out.

  2. i believe that would be The Mayfair Set, mystery person.

  3. I felt the same way, re: Wavves, at SXSW. Pretty crazy what hype/internet can do socially/culturally. Having already seen the madness in Austin I didn't really give a shit at the Bottle show, but if that irked you you might have blown yr brains out seeing people FREAK at SXSW.

    Either way, I'm already over it. Records still rule.

  4. the "hype/internet" machine is like my #1 bummer always. i think i could actually write a thesis about the social constructs of hipness and popularity as relating to technology/the interweb (or...something).


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