Thursday, April 23, 2009

cool new shitz.

sweet new fanzine out of San Fran, "Electric Annihilation." it's a fold-out newsprint dealy in the vain of "Z Gun" (way thinner though) (but also cheaper). yay DIY! anyway, there are features on Sun Araw, Emeralds, Wet Hair and . . .Henry Rollins (?). speaking of Wet Hair, their newish LP, "Dream," pretty much rules. very weird, krauty psych tape experimentations, and it's members of Raccoo-oo-oon! touring with Zola Jesus this summer! fuck yeah!

back on the "Electric Annihilation" tip...pick this shit up. very cool MRR-vibe but focusing on experimental weirdness. short and sweet, etc.


4 Men With Beards, how i love you. their vinyl FLIPPER reissues are slowly trickling in here at Laurie's. just got "Generic Flipper" and "Gone Fishin'", these reissues are pricey but very worth it. CLASSIC early west coast sludgey hardcore/punk weirdness!

the recent Dead Moon renaissance has been a topic of discussion on the nerd board lately. i relate this to the following: the ridiculously great Dead Moon documentary, "Unknown Passage" (if you haven't seen this yet YOU MUST), Lollipop Shoppe vinyl reissue, the success of Pierced Arrows, aaaand Rats LP reissues by Mississippi Records (which is like totally seriously the best reissues label out there right now). The Rats (Fred and Toody Cole's 80s punk band) second album "Intermittent Signals" just came out, and looks and sounds great. Sam Henry of the Wipers on drums! okay, so the Rats might be an acquired taste. but it's easy to become a Dead Moon/Fred & Toody-obsessed i guess you should just watch the documentary first and then relentlessly spend all your money on these Rats reissues and anything else related! because that is how it happened to me. guuuh.


  1. whoa Electric Annihilation looks rad as hell! probs b/c of the super cool art with Sun Araw on the cover (boner), but dayummmmn.

    do you guys have that Wet Hair LP at Laurie's? Sounds amazing.

    also, for your disillusionment, Woods "Songs of Shame" is BEST NEW MUSIC on pfork today. wopz.

  2. BAAAAH HUMBUG PFORK!! good for Woods though, i guess.

    Wet Hair LP should be (fingers crossed) coming back in next week sometime, i'll let u know. i have mp3s i can send you but you'll have to remind me ok.


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