Saturday, February 21, 2009

Vee Dee Upon Us.

thanks to Darius of Criminal IQ and Nick D'Vyne of Vee Dee, i am "leaking" one (previously unreleased) track off the forthcoming 2nd album, "Public Mental Health System." holy shiiiit:

Vee Dee- Out of my Skin

this is the shortest and most "punk" track on the record, which is a fucking masterpiece of epic proportions; oozing psych fuzz, punk/garage mania, and bluesy drawls...and the world has been waiting 5 fucking years for it!

check it:
-Public Mental Health System is out March 17 (gatefold 2LP!).
-record release show at Empty Bottle, March 21, w/Krunchies, Dials & Daily Void.
-(the best band in Chicago be makin' a well-deserved comeback)


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