Monday, February 02, 2009

foot set.

foot set 1/26/09.

split set with the great Tim of Laurie's Planet of Sound. he is not as nerdy as i, therefore no setlist for his time at the turntables.

coconut coolouts- nerd holocaust
sweet faces- on top of that girl
sexy kids- sisters drown me
canadian rifle- follow the leader
buzzer- disco kiddz
perfect fits- radio transmitter
king khan & bbq show- animal party
hank IV- feeding me back
rats- rat race
middle class- out of vogue
big boys- we got soul

marked men- ghosts
paxola- steal it
real kids- all kindsa girls
exploding hearts- busy signals
milk 'n' cookies- just a kid
nerves- hanging on the telephone
xtc- my weapon
the clean- anything could happen
animals & men- don't misbehave in the new age
urinals- black hole
coathangers- a real honey

gories- can't catch up with you
eric & the happy thoughts- ride ride ride!
nobunny- give it to me
traditional fools- get off my back
romance novels- hang on sloopy
debris- tell me
method actors- dancing underneath
bauhaus- in the night
die haut- the victory
ice- la grande guerre

tv ghost- the nihilist
unholy two- altamont 1969
pack- st. theresa
nice face- exterminator
fnu ronnies- meat
hunches- ate my teeth
mystery girls- i took the poison
eddy current suppression ring- i'm guilty
intelligence- bulbs

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