Friday, August 28, 2009

foot set.

Club Foot set 8/24/09.

another excellent night split with Sam O'Rama. here's what i jammed:

harvey milk
- blueberry dookie
torche- mentor
pissed jeans- dominate yourself
poison arrows- total beverage
acoustic family creeps- rain on
kurt vile- the hunchback
little girls- what we did
smith westerns- the glam goddess
dum dum girls- hey sis
yolks- i do what i do
box elders- cougars
jay reatard- man of steel
ty segall- standing at the station
cococoma- ask, don't tell
shannon & the clams- hunk hunt
buzzer- stunning freak
UV race- good money
nodzzz- true to life
beets- don't fit in my head
woven bones- your sorcery
der teenage panzerkorps- arc de triumphe
spits- tonight
frustrations- halfway on fire
tv ghost- bastille
black time- a radio in the dark
fuzzbox- what's the point
slik- the kid's a punk
bare wires- i lie awake
dog faced hermans- the hook and the wire
tim cohen- take aim goliath
television personalities- adventure playground
mayfair set- i've been watching you
comet gain- hard times
vaselines- dying for it
cold cave- life magazine

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