Wednesday, December 10, 2008

foot set.

club foot set 11/24/08.

a witness- i love you mr. disposable razor
fad gadget- life on the line
PiL- public image
lurkers- shadow
ultravox- saturday night in the city of...
wayne county- paranoia paradise
dead boys- sonic reducer
iggy pop- new values
members- the sound of the suburbs
blondie- rip her to sheds
malaria!- your turn to run
lazer crystal- hot pink bux
can- vitamin c
rodriguez- only good for conversation
black vatican- i don't wanna fight
mirrors- the suburban strate coat
hank IV- car in zebra
black time- scary people
wax museums- safety in numbers
easter monkeys- monkey see monkey do
eddy current suppresion ring- which way to go
bad party- another girl dies
hospitals- friends
clockcleaner- s. dingo
fucked up- no epiphany
black flag- louie louie
naked raygun- backlash jack
pegboy- not what i want
dillinger 4- gainesville
weirdos- happy people
parts & labor- nowhere's nigh
lines- on the air
the fall- fantastic life
black orphan- xx spectrum
wounded lion- carol cloud
pierced arrows- the wait
thee oh sees- mincing around the frocks
davila 666- basura
music machine- see see rider
hunx & his punx- you don't like rock n roll
amber alerts- i her U screemz
MyDolls- exorcism
bosom divine- i'm your animal
lover!- forced to the ground
sisters- everybody...
nodzzz- i was my parents vision
crystal stilts- the sinking
marnie stern- shea stadium
shudders- big heat
nixe- E.O. twit
baby shakes- far away
brian eno- the true wheel
flying burrito bros- man in the fog
irma thomas- gone
sam cooke- bring it on home to me
pixies- velouria

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