Friday, August 29, 2008

foot set.

Club Foot set 8/25/08.

gabo brown & orchestre poly-rhythmo
- it's a vanity
chic- chic cheer
funkadelic- standing on the verge of getting it on
sly & the family stone- stand
james brown- papa's got a brand new bag pt. 2
stevie wonder- signed, sealed, delivered i'm yours
fontella bass- rescue me
marvelettes- too many fish in the sea
cardinals- choo choo
bobby darin- splish splash
john fred & his playboy band- judy in disguise (with glasses)
standelles- little sally tease
frijid pink- crying shame
can- tango whiskyman
mirrors- my lovely lover
the pets- leaving home
barbaras- summertime road
nodzzz- i don't wanna (smoke marijuana)
icon gallery- declination
wax museums- magnet part 1
sinks- beat out my brains
tyvek- frustration rock
marked men- my eyes fail me
dillinger 4- maximum piss and vinegar
shopping- unconscious overrated
jay reatard- hiding hole
human eye- human eye
king louie & the loose diamonds- montagne de l'amour
elton motello- jet boy jet girl
barbarians- are you a boy or are you a girl
zombies- i want her back
ray charles- the right time
baby huey- hard times
poppy family- where evil grows
cedar st. sluts- sluts in the city
buzzcocks- why can't i touch it?
joy division- insight
big boys- shut up
shop assistants- safety net
le tigre- get off the internet
visage- visage
yaz- mr. blue
peter gabriel- games without frontiers
roxy music- love is the drug
talking heads- girlfriend is better
nina hagen- flying saucer
christian death- spectre
the ex- stupid americans
sonics- strychnine
syd barrett- octopus
lollipop shoppe- you must be a witch
dils- i hate the rich
white savage- destroy your style
mayyors- untitled (side a)
eat skull- dead families
minor threat- screaming at a wall
faith- subject to change
women- shark week
jack of heart- ponytail
king khan- desert mile
platters- sweet sweet lovin'
gene chandler- check yourself
murray head- one night in bangcock
al green- so tired of being alone

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