Saturday, May 10, 2008

*new favorite band alert*

i know, i know, i'm a little late on this (as per usual).

but CHEAP TIME, holy shit!

bratty, super pop-infused garage trash punk at its lo-finest. they're doing a lot of touring with Jay Reatard (how can i not stay away from this man?!), which makes total sense. so snotty, so wonderful, and i cannot stop listening to the "People Talk" track from their new self-titled LP on In the Red. apparently 2 of the people in this band were/are in that Be Your Own Pet band (!?!) which is weird because i do not think that band is awesome.

anyway, points of reference = Busy Singals, Red Kross, Jay Reatard, Tyrades, etc.

here's a pretty hilarious video for the song "Glitter and Gold":

in other "new favorite band" news, the Nobunny LP is out now on Bubbledump Records. i'm still waiting for my copy, but if you like fucking weird, pared-down, dirty yet catchy bubblegum-as-all-getout rock'n'roll you must check this out. Nobunny is a very mysterious Tuscon character who is also a dear old pal of mine and i can't wait until he comes back to Chicago to play in June.

here he is playing my favorite song in Austin:

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