Saturday, February 02, 2008

foot set.

i'm back to archiving my DJ-sets. since smoking in bars is now banned in Chicago, i distract myself from all those wanting-to-smoke feelings by meticulously writing out everything i play. soon i'll get around to posting my "best of 2007" list, so keep an eye out!

Club Foot set 1/28/08

the monkees- tear drop city
coathangers- tripod machine
reatards- monster child
vee dee- glimpses of another world
bobby conn- on the farm
OMD- messages
pere ubu- breath
sparks- a big surprise
icicle works- whisper to a scream (birds fly)
nick cave & the bad seeds- train long-suffering
om- unitive knowledge of the godhead
crispy ambulance- bardo plane
sisters of mercy- gimme shelter
and also the trees- suffering of the stream
the names- cut
blondie- x offender
forget the whimpering child & become the warrior- left you lying
kraftwerk- the model
ministry- cold life
heaven 17- play to win
kissing the pink- big man restless
yaz- nobody's diary
pete shelley- homosapien
the three johns- awol
robert ellis orrall- white noise
erase errata- beacon
james white & the blacks- irresistable impulse
red lorry yellow lorry- hollow eyes
killing joke- complications
gary numan/tubeway army- my shadow in vain
the the- uncertain smile
daily void- the man without a face
Q-factor- i'm not that stupid
jay reatard- my family (i KNOW, already played Reatards, this was a request!)
cpc gangbangs- what love is
vindictives- this is my face
deep wound- dead babies
loli & the chones- sick of you
dillinger 4- holy shit
ruts- babylon's burning
stranglers- (get a) grip (on yourself)
sonics- strychnine
animals- for miss caulker
yardbirds- for your love
shadows of knight- tomorrow's gonna be another day
the leaves- hey joe
DMZ- you're gonna miss me
the monks- cuckoo
truth & janey- around and around
kim fowley- the trip
the who- so sad about us
morgen- welcome to the void
clockcleaner- vomiting mirrors
dead kennedys- buzzbomb
bhopal stiffs- product of society
sham 69- hey little rich boy
dickies- rosemary
minutemen- political nightmare
big boys- no love
roky erickson- i walked with a zombie
queen- keep yourself alive
gilberto gil & caetano veloso- bat macumba
psychic tv- good vibrations
captain beefheart- white jam
hamilton, joe frank & reynolds- don't pull your love out
plastic bertrand- ca plane pour ma


  1. I love that you chased "Bat Macumba" with Psychic TV. Righteous.

  2. heeheehee! have you heard that Psychic TV version of "Good Vibrations"? it's pretty hilarious.


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